1 JUNE 2014

For my final blog post for this term, I would like to talk about sacrifices. Everybody in the world makes some sort of sacrifice everyday, it could be big sacrifices like risking lives or small sacrifices like doing homework instead of playing video games. No matter how small or big the sacrifice is, it’s still a thing people do with their time and effort and the person that the people sacrifices for, don’t usually know that people have spent the time and effort on them. If someone is willing to put in the time and effort for you, please appreciate them by acknowledging their presence. You may have asked a favour from a friend and they did the favour for you, you can show appreciation and thanks by treating them to a drink or something. People nowadays often forget to give back what they have received, they take things for granted and forget the sacrifices that certain people make for them. Some people may not have realised this yet but there are people around them that are already sacrificing their time,effort and commitment for them already. Sacrifice plays an even bigger role when 2 people choose to get into a relationship. If one of them refuses to commit into the relationship, the relationship would end quick as the one trying would feel like giving up. Imagine yourself sacrificing for another person, it could be sacrificing your family time, personal time or even time with your best friends. After putting time into the person, he or she chooses to ignore you and you feel like you have wasted time. The only way to not feel this way is to find someone worth sacrificing for, find someone who is worth your time and effort. Stop wasting time on someone that isn’t worth your sacrifices. If you already have someone sacrificing for you, keep them close and start appreciating them. Not everyone is as lucky as you to have someone sacrificing for them. Start to be aware of your surroundings and start observing those people that care about you.



22 May 2014


For my fourth journal entry, I would like to talk about my dancing experience. I had Chinese dance background when I was like in primary 1, when I was only 7 years old. I was asked by my mother to join as her friend’s daughter was in the Chinese dance club. It was like a community dance club and we practiced twice every week, we practiced every Wednesday and Saturday. I was reluctant to go at first as I thought that Chinese dance was a little “gay”. I went in the end as my mother took a really long time to persuade me to go for the classes. As I went for more lessons over time, I actually found that Chinese dance was actually quite fun. Chinese dance also required a lot of flexibility as the choreography involves tons of bending and stretching moves. I got really flexible over a few months of dancing. I could even do a spilt back then, that was one of the greatest achievements I’ve done with my body so far. During my Chinese dance period, we practiced to perform to a big crowd. I was so nervous as I didn’t perform in such a big crowd before. When the performance was nearing, I got even more nervous as it was my first time performing. I was afraid of forgetting my dance moves, as my memory was bad. After the performance I was so relieved as it was a huge success! All the performances were performed brilliantly and we were all ecstatic. After the performance, I quit the Chinese dance club, as I was getting busier in school. I didn’t dance after that and I only started to dance again when I got into poly. I joined the competition ‘Dance For Fun (DFF)’ and I was with the FMS team, we worked really hard and managed to get champions out of all the other schools in NP. During DFF, I found dancing to be such a joy as I really enjoy it. Whenever there is music, my body just feels like moving to the beat. I soon got to know this CCA ‘New Revolving Age (NRA)’, it was a dance CCA and many people wanted to get in. There were a limited number of slots and people who wanted to joy must audition before joining the CCA. I picked up my courage and went for the auditions hoping that I will get in. The week after the audition, I was shocked to receive the good news. I got into NRA! It was such a shock to me as I thought that I couldn’t get in, as there were many people better than me. I’m felt very honored to be given a chance to join NRA. Now that I have just begun the new dancing journey, I hope to excel in it and to be better at it as well. All the best to me I guess.


13 May 2014

At times, I really do miss my secondary school friends as they are all in other polytechnics & I seldom see them nowadays. I miss their jokes, their crazy attitude and their company. They have given me many unforgettable memories through the 4 years of studying together. We loved to joke around during class, we were also often reprimanded by our teachers for joking too much in class. Sometimes when I think back, I really wish I could relive those moments, as those were the ‘golden’ moments I had with my good friends. I honestly felt kind of depressed when I found out that I was in a different polytechnic compared to them. I really have watched them grow for 4 years & they also have watched me grow. I’m really proud of them for blossoming into such stunning young adults. I would still meet them if I can but I really hope to spend more time with them. We are starting to drift apart as we spend so little time together nowadays. I really don’t want to lose this bunch of friends, as they are the best bunch to be around with.


8 May 2014

For my 2nd blog post, i would like to share about my Freshmen Orientation Camp. It was a once in a lifetime experience as I’ve made many good friends through the camp. On the first day of camp, everything was awkward as we were all strangers with one another. I was put into the tribe named Pontus and I was in the sub tribe Verratus, they were the first family for me at Ngee Ann Poly. We played some ice breaker games to get to know each other better. After day 1, we all started to talking although we only know each other for a day. Day 2 was crazy as we got to play with food and stuff, we all got  really dirty as we were all covered in food,mud & paint. It was a great experience as i haven’t been this dirty in a long time, it was like reliving my childhood again. Playing with food was a great thing as it bonded the whole group together. Day 3 was about games & I even got to see some of my primary and secondary school friends when I played against other teams from other tribes. I have not seen some of them for a few years & i was really happy when I got the chance to meet and catch up with them again. Day 4 was the most heart warming day as it was the last day of the camp. I was really sad as the camp ended because the camp was so fun and I just didn’t want it to end. I just thought to myself, “it’s alright, all good things will eventually come to an end.” As the whole camp gathered for the last time before going home, many of our group leaders broke down as all their hard work has finally paid off. It was really heart warming to see this special moment as us freshies can really see how much the group leaders has sacrificed for us, some of them even got sick while preparing for this camp. I’m really thankful for all the things that the group leaders has done for us and I feel very blessed to have been chosen for this camp. This camp experience will always stay in my heart and I will never forget the memories that were made in the camp.


2 May 2014

This first journal entry shall be about the beginning of poly life. So far everything is going smoothly for me & I’m very blessed and thankful for it. I’ve met so many awesome new friends through Freshmen Orientation Camp (FOC) and Freshmen Bonding Camp (FBC). At times I really do miss my secondary school friends as they are all in other polytechnics, sometimes I wished that we all ended up in the same school so that we can hang out again. We seldom meet now as we busy with school work. I hope to meet up with them soon.

At the FBC, I was honoured to be given the chance to participate in the competition of ‘dance 4 fun’. I really enjoyed myself as we grew as a team and also bonded as one. Our hard work really paid off when he results were announced, we won first place for FMS. I felt so happy and elated when I heard the results. The journey of ‘dance 4 fun’ was tough but it was definitely worth it, all of our sweat and pain paid off. Our group got even bonded through the 2 weeks of preparation.

I really hope things will stay this smooth and good, I know problems may arise in the future but I hope that they will be solved quickly. I also wanna do well in my studies, all the best to me i guess.